Hi Girls

Before you say “I DO”… there are lots of thing to be organised for your wedding.
When I think about weddings I am just looking forward to seeing the bride and what she is wearing.

I believe BRIDES are the centre of attention, so we need to consider

  • what is her theme of her wedding
  • what is she wearing and
  • what is the WOW factor in her wedding which brings out her personality

So to bring out your personality in your most important day, you should sit down and focus on what is really your theme of your wedding (church, garden, beach wedding) then you should try to bring out your personality with the ideas to make the detailing  of your wedding to be unique and different which is part of your personality.

WEDDING DRESS is the second most important thing and need to be outstanding at your wedding

How to decide what suits you depends on your height and shape….
We have different body shapes such as pear, petite, voluptuous, lean, full figure, broad etc.
Each of these shapes has to pick the right outline or silhouette and then the right weight fabric.

To choose the right weight of fabric is very important!

What I am explaining is not rules, but some idea for brides to know their body shapes and try to make it easier for them to choose the best gown.
Unfortunately by reading you cannot choose your gown, you have to try dresses to find out about your shape. We normally don’t go shopping for wedding gowns until we decided to get married therefore it is not easy to find your perfect gown.

I would suggest to buy some local magazines to see what is available to try on or you ask your family or friends if they know any designer who has got a good reputation to help you to find your gown (like me haha).

The most important things are:

  • Comfort
  • Bringing out your personality
  • Being flattering for your body shape
  • And of course your good feeling

If you felt this gown is you, just go for it, because that makes you more confident and being yourself helps you more to get through the most important day of your life.

Let us talk a little about the different body shapes and things you may want to consider:

PEAR SHAPE: if you have pear shape body, the Aline shape will suite you the best. If your waist is your smaller feature you should bring it out and put emphases on your waist .You can use impire line if you are short waisted and make sure you bring out your high hip and gradually your Aline skirt will hide your lower hip .
The most important thing is the medium to heavy weighted fabric and not to be too full.
IMPORTANT- just remember do not stand on top of any stand or box which some sales people make you to stand on. Just wear the normal shoes to see the real height as the stand makes you taller.

PETITE: the best design for petite shape is Aline. I prefer do design with shoulders which can be made of lace or some delicate detailing which would be a WOW factor and the straps will draw the eye from your shoulder which would create longer look. The fabric has to be light weighted but stiff which gives a little bit body. Keep away from slinky soft fabric and just make sure the dress is not too heavy and not too much fabric.
Just remember you are wearing the dress and not the dress wearing you, not to stand on top of any stand or box, just wear normal shoes ie the height you would comfortably walk.

VOLUPTUOUS: A voluptuous body shape has a more pronounced bust with proportionated hips with defined waist line. This body shape has a balance and by bringing out the waist line and having a sweet neck line with Aline shape skirt would be the best look, however it depends on the height of the bride
Sometimes the fish tail look suits voluptuous body shapes as long as it is a balance body shape, and the fabric should be medium weight and not too many layers of fabrics or volume.

LEAN: This body shape suits almost any dresses with focus of the neck line or taking the focus of the neck line. Although if you prefer to take away the focus of neck line you should chose very low back which adds a wow factor for your gown. Also to enhance the bust line you can have some rushing.
Slinky fabrics would be very flattering gives nice line to lean shapes, any fabric soft or light weighted, medium and heavy fabric will suit lean shapes – lucky aren’t you!

FULL FIGURE: If you have fuller shape the best shape is Aline with some rushing which is very flattering  and also having V-neck line or some detailing on the straps which draw  eyes down from the shoulder to create taller look . Avoid the strapless as most of time strap less gowns make the full figure look short.

BROAD:The broad shape normally has to avoid the focus of the shoulder. Having some straps which can be detailed with lace, beads or some embellishment can make the broader shoulder look smaller. Low back and fish tail silhouette would be also be very flattering for broad shoulder. Any fabric would be suitable as long as you balance the upper body to lower body.

As I said earlier, these are not rules, just a guide; the important thing is to go with your feelings, try the gown on before you buy and ideally get a custom fitting. If you have already have a gown it is not too late- we can ALTER and embellish to fit your individual style

Hope this helps. Love Fara xxx