I decided to organize an ambitious photo shoot of my latest designer wedding gown collection myself last year in May.

I was a bit uninspired by the magazine editor ideas and because of the costs of a shoot and logistics we don’t normally have a chance to go to overseas from Perth. That’s why I decided to take over and visit Bali with Denise Teo (perhaps the best Photographer in Perth) at my own expense.

I booked the tickets and we went for 10 days during which we met people who helped us organise the little baby tigers and elephants to be photographed. I had to make sure these places are close to hotels and restaurants as ,we couldn’t stay far away from hotel. Mostly because we have to get the model ready with hair, make up and the dress – then spend 3 hours to shoot. Followed by getting back to dress her again and make up, and hair to be freshened up and have another dress ready, pressed and ready to shoot. Phew…

After visiting lots of places to decide where to shoot the wedding gown collection, we had to put them together and timing and the dates and getting allowance of authorities to photograph the locations. It looked very simple and easy first ,but lots of hours involved to plan the next trip which was with all crew, model, Denise Teo, Marek Bona, her other assistant and myself. I was lucky that Denise has so much experience in Bali as she helped me to organise everything.

Next thing I had to design new gowns with my new ideas from Bali ,my inspiration was rice paddies, fresh and vibrant colors of  Bali, exotic butterflies and  playful baby tigers and elephants. So we came back home and I went to my sketching book and drawing board to create my gowns for the return visit and June shoot.

If you look HERE you will see some of the beautiful photos of my QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE WEDDING GOWN COLLECTION taken during the trip. The locations were just awe inspiring and I was proud my dresses could be shown to such full effect.  Thanks to everyone for their help.

Love Fara