Hi Girls

A few thoughts from my perspective as a wedding dress designer on the best way to get the perfect beautiful dream gown that YOU love.

I have had visits from some of my clients who came to view wedding gowns and they brought 5-6 of their friends to choose their dream gown. There are some positive and negative points about it.
You, as a bride are going to wear the gown for almost 12 hrs on your wedding day. You have to be sure your gown is comfortable, easy to walk in, to move and importantly to dance and sit.

The gown has to make you feel good about yourself, bring out your inner beauty which means bring out your personality as well as being flattering. So as you see all of the points I mention are related to you, and how you feel. THE WEDDING IS ALL ABOUT FEELINGS.

So when you bring along 5-6 people to help you to choose your gown it can make it more confusing and far more difficult to choose what you love. What you love and feel might be very different to other people’s taste and JUST ONE disagreement with your taste might make you feel confused and making decisions harder because maybe one of your brides maids didn’t like the thin or thick straps.

You might like to have all your friends to be with you as it can be fun however once they initially pass on their views an thoughts and AFTER you had time to absorb every aspect as I mention above – you have to take control and ask them to keep their opinion to them self. Otherwise they end up choosing your dream gown and a compromise is made to keep everyone happy.

So I understand that when you go wedding gown shopping it is more fun and exciting when you have your friends with you, but please do not forget MUMS are most of the time the best person to be with. She knows you very well, knows what you like and feel and as long as she lets you to choose for yourself and respect your opinion.

So these are my recommendations after many years’ experience consulting and designing wedding gowns. What do you think?

Fara Almasi – Fara Couture Wedding Dresses Perth