Hi Girls

I have been busy for 2 weeks researching and looking for new ideas in fashion and bridal direction in 2014-15 over at the Hong Kong fashion week. It was amazing although hard work as well. My research was not only to look at pending bridal trends it was for fashion trends too as they are closely entwined, and I would like to share it with you too..

As you know bridal direction has very much has been influenced by the iconic Kate Middleton wedding dress. She brought attention in fashion world to different shapes and sizes of lace, much as Queen Elizabeth did in the 1800’s.
I think the fashion and bridal industry was very ready for it. We were tired of bling, stiff fabrics and such strong looks for brides. Her image and re-imagining of lace was a fresh breeze blowing through the bridal world and I have to say I am certain that lace will be in vogue for the next year and so.

Bridal trends never change as rapidly as fashion does but it will be influenced by fashion The softness, sheerness, feminine soft and flowing look will be in, but it might start to be influenced with the upcoming fashion trends which are more heavy gupur, embroidery, digital printing in soft floral and lace pattern embroidered on silk.

When I went to the seminars, we were not allowed to video or take photos, however i took some notes and I took photos from cat walks and magazines which I would like to share with you (see gallery images).

The fashion trend is influenced by the environment, people’s psychology as well as technology and Winter 2014-15 will most likely be all about the following:

• Rich colours, deep rich brown, burgundy, charcoal, deep yellow and different black tones.
• Patterns will be embossed, snake pattern, marble pattern and tapestry print – all printed on fabrics.
• The technology of digital printing allows a broad range of prints which next season will be influenced by cultural elements, religious paintings, mosque mosaic modernity, Mythology and ancient statues.
• Lace is heavier, gupur, punch lace, handmade lace and a more antique look.
• Fabrics are more embossed in leather or snake pattern, feathers, fur, embellishments such as punch studs, Eastern European, Russian handmade sentimental elements.
• Floral patterns more in line with romantic and renaissance art.
• The textile patterns are more blurred and craft elements incorporated like Persian carpets patterns.
• Pants are more high waisted with big pleats and skirts are long and flowing with wide belts to emphasise the waist.
• Crochet net and lace pattern are printed on fabrics.
• Knit wear is embossed with leather look or leather sleeves with fur cuffs.
• Jackets are tailored or very loose and cocoon shaped

I hope you enjoy my sneak peak of fashion trends for 2014-15 and lets see what really takes off out of all these elements.

Love Fara xx