Hi Girls

I just wanted to share some of my clients’ experiences with online shopping for wedding dresses.

I definitely understand that everybody has got a budget for their weddings, and it is very important to keep to the budget and don’t go over the top.

However it is very important how the bride would look in their weddings day – the whole wedding is staged around the bride and you absolutely need to make sure you have wow factor in your look,

Make sure you don’t look ordinary, as it is not an ordinary day and also the guests love to see wow factor and a stunning looking bride.

Yes of course you wear the dress only once, but you get married (hopefully) once and your look is very important, you bring up the wedding with your look.

These days I see a lot of brides buying their dresses online and they bring their dress in for alterations or restyling and putting on some embellishments. Just be aware that if you buy your dress for 300 dollars, please do not expect the alteration will be cheap because you bought a budget orientated dress
Normally these dresses come from china and are made of polyester, however if the workmanship and styling is done here, you have to expect that the alteration may eat heavily into those cost savings.

Another warning is please do not be fooled with the photos you see; they normally copy and paste photos from a good designer and if they get order they try to copy the design. You need to be aware that they will not be able copy exactly what you see in the photo online. Normally they cut corners for it to be affordable for them.

Today I had a client who wanted me to change her rushing on one shoulder to a lesser and more softer rushing which was not possible, and also the dress had lots of stains. I really hope we can get the stain out but in some fabrics and certain stains that is impossible; and a risk you take if you buy online or overseas.
I am not against shopping online at all (I am sure we all do it) – you can buy anything on line except something as important and delicate as a wedding gown…
If this warning is too late and you have already done so, or are happy to take the risk – make sure you go to see a professional person to fix up the dress.

What remains after the wedding is the photos; which will be a record and the memory of your wedding day forever.

Love Fara xxx