Hi Girls

I am sure you have all heard horror stories of red wine being spilled on precious garments so thought to pass on some advice that may save you a lot of stress and expense. Whether it be your wedding Gown, Bridesmaid or evening dress.

I had a telephone call Sunday morning from one of my dear clients who just got married the Saturday night before.

When I heard her voice, I thought something was wrong with her gown! Scary..but she just wanted to thank me for my hard work.
She said everybody loved my dress and everybody was asking who made her gown.

It made me so happy for her, she said “Fara it was a wow factor, I loved it, it made me feel fantastic and when Ii stepped into the church I could hear a surprised “hhhh” sound

But…this story does not have a perfect ending. Unfortunately, at the end of the night, she tripped and a glass of red wine was poured on her gown. Eek! So she wanted me to advise her if there was anything she could do.

So let me get to the point of this story. If any accident like this happens, you should put lots of salt on the stain and the salt soaks most of the red wine away. Please do not try to wash it out, rub it with anything or touch it more than necessary and straight away send it to a decent dry cleaner who specialises in wedding gowns.

I personally recommend Atlas Dry Cleaner in East Perth. I do not have any association with them other than as a happy customer as I have tried them before and I have been very pleased with their service.
Let us hope this does not happen on your wedding day, however regardless whether you and your dress make it through unscathed – you will need to dry clean your gown after your wedding day and I strongly suggest you use a good dry cleaner and not risk that lovely gown with a lesser one.

Love Fara xx