Hi Girls

It’s me again :-)

These days I have been thinking of the difference between today’s weddings those of 30 years ago.

I hear all the time from the mother of brides, my wedding was very simple, my dress was very cheap, I didn’t have any bridesmaids….we just wanted to get married and be together.

That made me think, what is the difference between today’s wedding and our mother’s weddings?

I think 30 years ago we had only max 2 or 3 wedding shops in Perth and now 15 or more!
We didn’t have any internet, Facebook, Pinterest to see more and to wish for more.
These days we have instant access to so much more information ,we sit in front of the computer and visit most of the online shops in Perth or all around the world in less than 2 hours ,the more we see the more we get picky, fussy, confused and overwhelmed with too much choice.

But the question is why?

What is the wedding about? Isn’t it more about having a good time on our wedding day?
Is not it all about our spouse and creating a family together?

When we compare today’s wedding’s styles to ones of 30 years ago, its not so much about living together under a roof or creating a common life.

It’s all about the dress, the venue, food, flowers, car, bridesmaids and the image – which is so stressful for the brides.
Because the brides get judged, they want to be better than last wedding they have attended. This means they put so much pressure on themselves just to be admired and not to be judged and organise a lovely wedding.
When I talk to the mothers of the brides who have been married, they say we had such a simple wedding we just were so happy to be together and live under a roof!
However these days we have been already under one roof and we live together even we have kids, the most excitement is all about just the wedding and dress.

So I hope you find the gown which is YOU, and makes you feel Good about yourself as result of that brings confidence on your wedding day.

Think about what is really important and what matters to you.
Good luck.

Fara xx