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    Hi All,

    Finally I am able to write about my experience in the fashion bridal week in Sydney August 2016 presenting wedding dresses Sydney.

    I received a telephone call from Sydney and inviting me to the Australian fashion bridal week which is just about wedding gowns and specially Australian designer and top international designers which made me more excited however the time lag was very short (2 months) for me to design and make 10 new wedding dresses Sydney fashion week show, any way I decided to do it and time was ticking from the first moment I decided 😱

    After hours of research and sketching the new look and direction of my new wedding dress collections, I had to source out the fabrics which was a very difficult to get the fabrics on the right time to create the new designs. It takes normally 3 months to get the French laces and specially beaded fabrics when I order the fabrics. So I had to find the fabrics which were available in the market and redesign my sketches to suite the fabrics and the real job started 😢

    Any way after late night hard work full of stress we made it happen! All bridal gowns finished the way I loved it! This two months were the toughest moment of my life where I was busy in designing ,preparations and creating the gown and on the other side both of my parents were sick in hospitals. However I made it happen)). I booked the flights and everything was packed and ready!

    However due to the delay in flight to Sydney, we arrived late in Sydney for model fitting. And most of the models were new to me and normally dresses have to be fitted a before the show.

    I was told that the models are size 6-8 however my gowns were size 10! Any way I was prepared to tuck the gowns to fit the models but had not much time to see the models to adjust the gowns. Most challenging part was I didn’t have any sewing machine or equipment’s when you go to other city to present your brand.

    Next day, we started early morning straight from fitting the models, choosing the right designs for the right models. And all adjustments were done in couple of hours for 20 wedding gowns. I have to say that I was very proud of myself and my team on managing everything in a very short span of time. It was a very exciting moment for me when the wedding gowns were on catwalk. Just to see the hard work always pays it off.

    I realized my wedding dress designs are very high standard and comparable to the international designers.



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    Hi Ladies,

    Couple of months ago I had a telephone call from Wilma telling me that I was recommended to her and if I would like design a wedding gown for her mother, who is almost 85 years.


    Wedding Dress Perth Fara Couture Blog 3


    Hi Ladies
    This time, I would like to talk about the  problem that some of the wedding dress designers might struggle with.


    Couture wedding dresses, designing individually for brides comes only about the feeling good, shape, comfort, theme of the wedding of the BRIDE.
    When designers have consultation with brides , first we will find out about important points specially personality, inner beauty and shape of the bride. And after one or two hours of consultation we get to the conclusion of  what is right for the  bride.
    My point here, if you have any close friend, mother, sister or any person you trust their point of view or think you need to consider their points while designing your bridal gown then please bring them  along at the stage of designing and decision making of your style and look for  your dream gown.
    Because after couple of hours of consultation with you, when a designer will figure out what really suites your shape and inner beauty ,then we start working hard to  make your wishes come true. However after six months of hard work the  wedding gown is all set as you agreed and wished for, then please do not bring your friends and family member after you made your decision in designing the wedding dress and almost finished the gown ,then asking them  about their point of view in the designing of your bridal gown because it will be already too late to ask about their OPINION and any Changes.
    Even if they point out what they think is too late ,because the gown is  almost completed and their opinion will make you insecure and you will doubt on your look and decision. Hope you all understand the importance of getting that perfect look for your most memorable day.


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