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  • Do your research before you start looking for the dress?

    You don't hear or see expressions like "Basque waist," "Watteau train," or "attempt to distinguish between three hues of white" every day. To better communicate what you're looking for, pore over bridal magazines, books, and websites to learn about fabrics, shapes, and terminology. Create a folder and add images of gowns or accents that you like, then bring them with you when you shop.

    • Plan well in advance

    Choose your designer and stores beforehand to learn which designers they carry, the range of prices for their gowns, and whether they sell accessories or offer alterations. The majority of salons demand that you make an appointment. If at all possible, avoid shopping during your lunch break because you will be pressured. Limit your shopping to two stores every day so you don't become worn out or forget what you've seen. Keep a notebook with you and make notes about the dresses.

    Final Thoughts

     For the lucky bride-to-be, we highly suggest you keep your options open. Bridal consultants keep saying this over and over again. So, heed their advice, even if it doesn't seem to fit your personal style. Some dresses look ordinary on the rack but look fantastic in person. On the other hand, never succumb to pressure to buy a gown you're not truly in love with.