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    With over 25 years of experience in Europe, Middle East and Australia within the couture industry, Fara Almasi, designer of Fara Couture and Fara Wedding Dresses, has been creating exquisite wedding gowns as well as evening gowns and bridesmaid dresses.

    Many clients have stated that Fara is blessed with the ability to listen as brides share their ideas of how they would like their wedding dress to look.

    Fara's expertise gives her the ability to design for your personality and body shape. Through mastering her pattern skills and using the only very best imported fabrics and finest French and Italian laces Fara uses her knowledge to create her masterpieces online for national and international clients and also couture designing in her own boutique in East Perth, Western Australia for high-end and unique clients who love her personal touch and advice.

    As a couture designer Fara has been designing and manufacturing in her studio for online clients with great success and accuracy according to the client’s measurement and special requirements.

    There is nothing better than a couture designer who guides you and creates a wedding gown that makes you feel "you".

    On your wedding day, feel incredibly beautiful and confident in your wedding dress by Fara Almasi.



    We are extremely passionate about our designs and what we do at Fara Couture; at home and at work,  you will find our hearts right on our sleeves.



    We are all on the same rocket to success, thus we enjoy collaborating, challenging & supporting each other on this journey. 



    We celebrate the uniqueness in others, bond over common values and seek to learn from our differences.



    We celebrate the uniqueness in others, bond over common values and seek to learn from our differences.



    We are open and transparent with our ideas, goals, and actions. We seek to convey our thoughts to our clients in a genuine and succinct way.



    We strive for an environment that nurtures creativity by providing thinking time & space, resources, and moral support to actualize great ideas.