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  • Look for a dress that compliments your body shape

    There is a dress for every body type. Now the type of dress cannot be the same for everyone, and hence, we need to make sure that we buy something that compliments our body type.

    1. The Hourglass – Women with an hourglass body typically have larger breasts, wider hips, and a more defined waist. If you have an hourglass figure, then look for dresses with a shape or mermaid design to hug and accentuate your lovely curves. Additionally, a dress with a sweetheart or plunge neckline may suit you better than something with a halter or high neck because it will keep you proportionate and highlight your bustier attributes.
    2. The Pear - A pear body type is characterized by hips that are typically wider than the breast area and a distinct waist. A pear body has a slim and petite frame, a very feminine neck and shoulders, and a smaller chest. So, wedding gowns with a more streamlined or fishtail/mermaid silhouette fit better on a pear body. Dresses with sleeves are another excellent choice to counteract your broader hips and smaller shoulders.
    3. The Triangle - You most likely have a triangle shape if your shoulders and upper body are proportionately larger than your lower body. Your column shape may be caused by broad shoulders, a narrower waist, and smaller hips. Choose an outfit that is symmetrical or has a V-neck because they go well with the inverted triangle shape. Your form is further enhanced with fuller straps and sleeves, which also soften the look of your shoulders. Moreover dresses with additional detail, like lace or embellishments can make you look broader at the hips and more balanced.
    4. The Oval - Brides with a bigger breasts, narrow hips, and a fuller torsos typically are characterized in the oval body type. They tend to have lean legs and limbs and a more rounded torso. Seek out designs with a delicate or straight shape, such as an empire or A-line dress. These outfits will create the appearance of a curvier and more proportionate figure thanks to their flared skirts that flow through the waistline.