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    Couture wedding dresses are customised gowns, made according to the preferences of each individual, to create a breathtaking, one off wedding dress, using superb hand-beaded and embroidered fabrics and laces.

    Fara Almasi, an experienced couture designer, creates gowns that are handcrafted and unique, with outstanding quality and finishing. Fara designs the gowns herself with her creative flare during a consultation appointment with the bride to be. The gown is then locally made on her own East Perth premises, where she directly supervises all the steps involved to produce a work of art.

    Fara and her team, consisting of in-house specialist pattern-makers and seamstresses, also offer other extra services to Fara Couture's brides. 

    Fara delights in getting to know her clients first to find out the bride's vision and the style of the wedding. Her unique ability to connect with her clients' personality and advise them on what would best suit them, allows her to capture the spirit of what the bride has in mind. 

    Fara is well known for being an incredibly good listener and having a keen eye for detail. She understands what is most flattering to each unique body shape, and is able to create a gown that embodies and accentuates the bride's personality.

    Fara aims to fulfill the bride's vision for her special day by reviving and appropriately combining elements of classical, romantic elegant, modern and high fashion. She specialises in aesthetics and showcasing a refined silhouette to bring out the best feature of each bride.


    Click here to book your free consultation today!